AB Enterprises


“We Put Technology to work”



AB Enterprises was founded in 1998 as a retail outlet of innovative and technically superior communication and electronic media gadgetry and devices. It started of as a small effort of two fresh and amateur college graduates: Atif Khurshid and Umair Khurshid and in a few years, with the blessings of Almighty Allah, grew into a dynamic company due to intense hard work, positive attitude and great zeal. Its goal has evolved to provide superior solutions in any market where computer / electronic technology is employed.


AB Enterprises sells directly to the public, direct to dealers, and is an Eveready solution provider to the industry. Today the company has its office in Hafeez Center, Lahore, Pakistan; where a talented team of people is committed to delivering its customer with the best products and service possible. “ We appreciate your business, and will do every thing possible to meet your needs is to know specifically what you want, so please, drop us a line “, says Atif Khurshid, the CEO of the company.


AB Enterprises has been an aggressive worker in making complex technologies accessible to the average computer user. As we enter the next evolution of consumer’s technology, the company will continue delivering powerful, user-friendly hardware and software products to enable users to capture, create, personalize and share rich media content.


Our Mission is


“To Solve Complex Business Problems for Technologically Progressive and Evolving Companies through Repeatable Thought Leadership Using Custom, Blended, and Integrated Solutions that Result in Successful Delivery.”


Our Strategy is


“ To fulfill customer demand with the skills, depth and capacity to rapidly envision, define construct, and implement high impact business solutions. We are able to meet this demand because of a team of brilliant people equipped with mature processes and empowered with freedom of choice in solution delivery.”


Our aim is


“ To amuse, inform, and entertain you – while providing amazing values.”



The Company’s products provide user-centric solutions intended to be easy to install and easy to use, and that are combined with the integrated software for seamless compatibility and added functionality.